Current Students

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You are a current student at Ball State University and you are not sure what the best decision for your future studies should be. Maybe the hard part about college for you was not getting in to a school but rather finding a field that would be interesting, immersive, and full of opportunities for your future. The Department of Economics at Ball State has exactly what you are looking for.

The Department of Economics offers a variety of programs that can help prepare you to be anything from a Market Research Analyst to a Personal Financial Advisor. We even offer a minor for students to better prepare and offer deeper insight to the markets involved in their future careers.

The Department of Economics also offers help to students in planning their future with academic advising. If you are having trouble in Economics courses you can also get free help from the tutoring center!

Not sure how a degree in Economics would benefit you? Join us for our Economics Connections Program or Economics Dialogue Days hosted each semester!

Want to be more involved? Join the Economics Club! Want to have the opportunity to build your career in school? Look into finding internships! Want to grow with other cultures? Sign-up to study abroad!

With so much to offer the opportunities learn and network are endless!


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