Economics Minor

Econ Minor banner

A minor in economics is a great companion to any major, all business majors for sure. It’s a great complement to a social science or mathematical science major. A minor in economics also prepares you well for law school or a career in government.

A minor in economics involves 18 credit hours of economics courses. It includes

  • ECON 201 Elementary Microeconomics,
  • ECON 202 Elementary Macroeconomics,
  • 12 credit hours from economics electives with at least 9 credit hours from 300- or 400-level courses.

You can look up complete economics course descriptions on the official Ball State Website.

The minor is open to both non-business and business majors (except those majoring in economics).

Unlike other business 300/400 courses, all economics courses are open to both business majors and non-majors who meet course prerequisites.


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