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The economics department at Ball State believes in doing what ever it takes to allow students to succeed. Because of that we offer tutoring to students in Economics courses. If you are interested or in need of a tutoring session please contact one of the graduate assistant below with the appropriate course. All tutoring takes place in WB116 at the times listed.

Tutor Name.           ECON Course.               Instructors.                                         Days.        Times.
Gage Russell.                  116.                   McClure, Flowers.                                 TR               2 – 4pm
Xiao Liang.                      201.                  Coelho, Horowitz, Nesson, Zhukov    TR, Sat       5 – 7pm
Adrianna Martin.           201.                  Zegeye, Fan, Kunkel, Van Cott             MW            2 – 5pm
Charlotte Sipe.                221.                  Green, Shang                                          MW, Sun   6 – 8pm
Luke Durfey.                   221.                  Green, Liu                                               MW, R        1 – 3pm
Wes Bruemmer.             221.                  Green, Rabanal                                       TR               6 – 9pm


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