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Below is a resource to help you with many commonly asked questions regarding advising, registration, internships, scholarships, and other student needs.


The class I want/need is full.
  • Watch Banner for seats that open with drop/add.
  • Go to the department for assistance if not having the class will delay graduation.
When can I sign up for classes?
  • Fall & Spring is according to your time ticket. Find your time ticket in Banner.
  • Summer is open to everyone at once.
I am getting an error message when I try to register for a class.
  • Check to see the ‘attribute’ on Banner. The course may be an Honors section or an online class with reserved seating.
I want an online class, not the on campus section.
  • Seats in online classes are reserved for online-only students when registration begins. The restriction will be lifted at a later date to allow remaining seats to be filled by all students.
Banner says I need department approval.
  • See the department coordinator to resolve this issue.
Who is my advisor?
  • Check your DegreeWorks – your advisor is listed in the top table of information.
Why do I need to see my advisor?
  • All pre-business students are required to meet with their advisor to be sure they are progressing through their Rule of 4 program on track.
  • Your advisor is an excellent resource to help you select classes to keep you on track to graduate on time.
What if I don’t meet with my pre-business advisor?
  • An academic advising hold will be placed on your student record at the end of the term. This hold will prevent you from registering for additional classes as well as from making any changes to your schedule (add/drop/withdrawal). You will not be able to obtain an official copy of your transcript with a hold on your record.
When can I meet with my pre-business advisor?
  • Come by WB 147 or call 765-285-5329 to schedule an appointment.
  • Students can meet with their advisor at any time during office hours all year.
Can I take a class somewhere else for BSU credit?
  • Check with Pat Mundy in WB 146 to get permission. You must fill out a Transfer Course Approval form before taking the class at another institution.
  • You must request an official transcript from the other institution be sent to the Ball State University Admissions Office after you complete the course for credit to be assigned.
  • You must earn a ‘C’ or higher at the other institution in order to receive credit for the course at Ball State.
I am considering coming to Ball State from another institution.
  • If you have 30 or more credit hours, make an appointment with Pat Mundy to review your transcripts and assign applicable credit.
  • If you have fewer than 30 credit hours, contact Freshman Advising in North Quad.
Do transfer classes impact my Ball State GPA?
  • No. Transfer credits come in as credits only – no letter grades are applied.
How do I apply for a scholarship?
  • Ball State offers many scholarships. Check with the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid for details.
  • The Miller College also offers several scholarships. All incoming freshman listed as pre-business students are automatically considered for scholarships. All other students must apply on-line by the middle of February for the next academic year (Fall – Summer) scholarships.
How do I sign up for an internship for credit?
  • You have to be in your departmental major to receive credit for an internship.
  • Find opportunities with the Career Center.
  • To arrange for credit, contact the department in which you want to receive credit to get more details.
When can I add a class?
  • You can add a class at any time once registration has opened and your time ticket is active. You also have the first week of the fall & spring semesters to add. Summer terms have different times, so check the Registrar’s calendar online.
When can I drop a class?
  • You can drop a class at any time after it has been added. You have until the end of the first week of the fall & spring semesters to drop a class. Summer terms have different times, so check the Registrar’s calendar online.
What is the difference between drop and withdrawal?
  • When you drop a class, it does not appear on your transcript and you are not charged for the course.
  • When you withdrawal from a course, it appears on your transcript with a W for the grade and you are billed for part of the course. See the bursar for billing details
When can I withdraw from a class?
  • The open withdrawal period begins immediately after the add/drop period ends and runs through the first several weeks of the term. For specific dates, see the Registrar’s online calendar.
I missed the Withdrawal date – what can I do?
  • For an online class, see the office of Online and Distance Education in LB 131.
  • For an on campus business course, you must complete an Extenuating Circumstance Late Withdrawal Request form. You must provide documentation to support your reason for needing the withdrawal after the original withdrawal deadline.
  • The reason must be something that is out of your control (illness, death in family, other uncontrollable situation). Reasons such as failing the course or having too much work are not acceptable reasons to withdrawal after the original deadline.
  • Continue attending class until a decision has been made.



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