The Price of Corruption, Unemployment, Indiana scores high on the Cato Index and Hicks discusses Gruber comments

  1. From the New York Times: “One Iraqi general is known as “chicken guy” because of his reputation for selling his soldiers’ poultry provisions. Another is “arak guy,” for his habit of enjoying that anis-flavored liquor on the job. A third is named after Iraq’s 10,000-dinar bills, “General Deftar,” and is infamous for selling officer commissions.” How much does corruption reduce governments and companies effectiveness?
  2. The Bureau of Labor Statistics came out with the unemployment numbers on Friday. The US has an unemployment rate of 5.8%. Georgia has the highest unemployment rate at 7.7%. Some of the lowest states are Nebraska (3.4%), North Dakota (2.8%), and South Dakota (3.3%).
  3. Indiana and Pence score high on Cato Index:
  4. Mike Hicks on MIT Economist Gruber and the intelligence of the voting public:

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