Articles of the Week

You might think this quote came from criminals talking: “Don’t bother with jewelry (too hard to dispose of) and computers (“everybody’s got one already”), the experts counseled. Do go after flat screen TVs, cash and cars. Especially nice cars.” It actually came from a seminar for police on what assets they should seize for the benefit of their departments.

Our Fed Challenge Team has become famous.  Read the Daily News commentary.  It will be music to your ears.

Mike Hicks wrote about early childhood education.  Many agree early childhood education is important.  Part of the question is who should pay and how effective is Head Start.  What do you think?

A recent paper argues that Head Start reduces depression, obesity and crime:

Another take on Unemployment.  What percentage of the population is unemployed?

Birthday wishes this week to Erica Walsh (Econ Club Pres) and Wes Bruemmer (Econ Club Tres and Fed Challenge Extraordinaire).


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