Unexpected Crisis at the University of Chicago

The key turns, the alarm sounds, and the engine…doesn’t.  Here we sit, waiting for a sign of relief to send us on our way to the Union Club Hotel.  On the bright side of things, our visit to the University of Chicago was an ultimate success.  The group split into 3  smaller groups and went on their way to discover the beauty and majesty of the campus offerings.

After a hasty stop into the recreation center to relieve ourselves after a long journey, we soon found ourselves trapped in the mesmerizing labyrinth that was the SmartArt Museum.  Our group went  from modern art, to renaissance-era art, and finally a journey through Chinese, Korean, and Japanese historical art.  We left the museum and headed toward the main quadrangle.  We managed to have a UC student snap a picture of us at the gates. (see below)

Outside Cobb Gate at UC
Outside Cobb Gate at UC

By suppressing our fear of starvation for a few more minutes, we managed to find a buffet/cafeteria at Cathey Dining Hall.  Cathey offered a wide-variety of delicious food.  We spent so much time eating and enjoying conversation that we arrived slightly late back to the bus, which ended up being a non-issue (see first sentence).  The bus wouldn’t start.  It was 2 pm and we had to check into our hotel before our scheduled time at the Federal Reserve (4 pm).  Stay tuned…

Selfie in the Quad
SmartArt museum selfie.
Hanging out at the SmartArt Museum

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